Rosita Cordasco

Transformation Expert & Coach

COACHING: sounds cool, but…what is it?

Although it grounds in many different methodologies on how to accompany individuals in life changes, coaching is NOT counseling (I will not give you advice, I will guide you towards your own solutions); it is NOT mentoring (I am not an expert on your life; that person is YOU!); it is NOT therapy (you won’t be my patient, you’ll be my coachee); it is not CONSULTING (I won’t give you answers, I will offer you questions).

I am NOT a psychologist, I am not a psychotherapist, I am NOT a psychiatrist, I am NOT a doctor, I am NOT a spiritual guide.

I won’t teach you how to sing, nor how to make a fortune, not even how to play football….I will simply show you how you can look within yourself in order to transform your life the way you want it to be.